Check out this book!!!!! :D

Hey guys check out this great new childrens’ book called The Jellybean Tree by J.L. Tunbridge! It’s about two sisters, Jaybee and Squib (Squib is so cute!), who run away to The Land Of The Jellybean Tree; a place where everything is made of lollies! There’s a coconut ice rink, mashmallow trampolines, gingerbread houses, a lemonade stream with iceypole fish, ice cream mountains, and of course a Jellybean Tree. 

But there are dark creatures called The Shadowers that come out only at night and frighten the children, big black shapes with glowing red eyes…

Can Jaybee and Squib help King Jack to rid the land of the Shadowers and save the villagers? and will the two sisters ever get home to Mummy? Find out in The Jellybean Tree!

Find it on, check out the author’s blog or search for it on facebook. 

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