"Imagine falling asleep while listening to Dean’s heartbeat" One Shot


This is a part of the re-upload series; From the early days of this blog. These are not in the current format. All new submissions must be in the current format to be posted. 

You, Sam and Dean all stumble into the Bobby’s house at a time that’s probably considered more morning than night. You’re all covered in dirt and there might be some salt sticking to your leggings. 

While Sam manages to drag himself into the spare bedroom, Dean trips onto the couch and lands face first.

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kissin’ away the ouchies

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"I’m the impossible girl, and my story is done.”

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May your forties be full of joy, success and adventure!

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Hot Professor Sam OH WON’T YOU KEEP ME AFTER CLASS (or: the Hot Professor Sam gifset of my dreams)

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Too much heart has never been your problem; it was your gift.

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raise your hand if you’ve got the sweetest followers and you appreciate each and every one



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